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SHUTTERS R US wish to invite Manufacturers, Distributors and Retailers to become part of the global marketing campaign of our Premier Plantation Shutter range.

We are building a global sales presence in the Home Improvement and Commercial Fit Out formats and would like to hear from you if your Company is already active in these markets.

There are 2 main formats we use to market our products:Conventional Sales Structure and Partner Alliances.

Conventional Selling Structure

There are 3 segments to the Conventional Selling Structure:

1. Licensed Manufacturers - Licensed to produce one or more components of our product range and sell that product under license within the agreement. This may involve integrating our components within a quality approved manufactured item of the Licensee for on selling or it may be a licence to simply manufacture and resell.

Criteria - Existing established sales network over a substantial territory and an appropriate manufacturing base.

2. Regional Distributors - Licensed to market one or more of our products within an exclusive marketing region via wholesale or retail outlets.

Criteria - Multiple unit storefronts or distribution outlets, proven sales record in related industry and an existing wholesale sales network in similar operations

3. Area Resellers - Approved and endorsed as retailers of one or more of our products in non-exclusive areas.

Criteria - Storefront premises, proven track record and dynamic sales team.

Financial and marketing details are assessed on individual cases. National, regional and local advertising needs are also assessed individually.

Our products are marketed to the following Buyer segments:

  • Home Owners Direct
  • Contractor / Builder / Developer
  • Window & Door Manufacturers
  • Retailer / Store / Outlet

Our Products are promoted to the following Specifiers:

  • Architects
  • Interior Designers
  • Product Specifiers & Quantity Surveyors
  • City Planners & Urban Developers
  • Home Owners Direct

Our Shutters are used in the following installations:

  • Residential Window and Door Coverings
  • Privacy Screens
  • Public Space Screening
  • As Plantation Balustrades Utility Ventilation Screens
  • Atrium / Swimming Pool Covering
  • Partner Alliance Program

SHUTTERS R US is currently establishing worldwide business-to-business alliances with original equipment manufacturers, distributors and retailers.

Our objective is to invite growth oriented companies and entities to be part of the global sales campaign of our exclusive window coverings range through various marketing incentive and referral plans whilst each entity enjoys increased growth in their respective core activities through commerce partnership exposure.

We invite window and door manufacturers, window covering resellers, glazing/aluminium manufacturers, manufactured home developers etc. to contact SHUTTERS R US. Our exclusive product range will provide new opportunities to those who recognise competitive advantage.

Our product is unique in that our patented operable Plantation Shutters and Louvres are not only innovative in design and aesthetics but also include assembly and retro fit manufacturing advantages also covered under the patents, translating to cost and competitive advantages.

SHUTTERS R US selling advantages include: Unique protected designs, high demand in an established market and a large well defined target market. Shutters R Us offers this exciting business opportunity for a growth-oriented company to explore.

1. Partner Alliance Affiliate Program On line Referral Links

Our Partnering programs offer Companies and marketing entities to simply promote a premium home improvement product by way of referral much the same way as a road sign directs travellers. Our product is where the customer should be going; sometimes a little help is needed along the way.

If you like our products, chances are others will too, and you can earn a substantial income just by letting people know about us by a click of the mouse link.

We will gladly consider Reciprocal Site Links to related industry and Reseller Sites.

2. 'Click' Commission based Selling Tool On line Referral Links

The simplest way to earn commission, if you have a web site and already get traffic then you're started or if you are involved in a related product marketing and want to simply add more products (and traffic) without actually handling it, this is for you..

If you don't have a web site we'll build one for you!

How does it work you say?

The offer refers the guest to the host ( homepage. "You have been referred by our Affiliate Sponsor …Welcome to SHUTTERS R US.

You simply place our advertising banner or icon link on your web page. (We will provide you with the banner and HTML code to use.)

Download the image file you want to use from our Partner banner gallery, and upload it to your server onto a popular page of yours, which has some relevance to our products that will be appealing to your surfer. Then cut and paste the following code, and insert it into your page:

<a href="">
<img src="shutterlogo.gif" border=0 height=31 width=88 base target="_parent"></a> 

(don't change any of the red code above)

In the above example, the account ID 1000 is used. You will need to replace this number with the ID number which will be assigned to you. You may also need to modify the image file name and both the height and width parameters based on the image you choose.

Whenever anyone clicks on the banner or link, your unique account ID will mark the enquiry and remain "cookied" for 2 months, if the person places an online order with us during this time, you will be credited with the sale and paid a 5% commission paid in the currency from which the goods were shipped.

If you would like to explore our Online Partner options, contact us and please explain what you currently manufacture or distribute and how you would see our products fitting into both companies portfolios.

3. Accounting

An account reconciliation will be sent each month end for you to endorse, then we promptly pay the full amount direct to your bank Account.

To get started just fill in your details and email to us. We'll reply with a unique I.D. and instructions on uploading your HTML link code, then you're away!

In today's competitive environment, value adding is an important part of new sales generation and increasing bottom line.

Online Partner Referral Terms and Conditions

We reserve the right to decline a referral account application for whatever reason.

We reserve the right and at our discretion, to terminate a referral account at any time, without prior notice.

All accounts will be settled and any outstanding commissions paid up to and including the termination date within 30 days at the end of the current accounting period.

All accounts will be settled in full within 30 days at the end of every month subject to conditions outlined below.

If the due total for the current accounting period does not reach A$100, the outstanding amount will be carried over to the next accounting period.

Any custom promotional material or artwork, is subject to our review.

The referral partner may terminate the account at any time. Termination must be in writing and all outstanding accounts up to and including the termination date, will be settled within 30 days at the end of the next accounting period.

SHUTTERS R US will pay a 5% commission from any purchase identified as being made by a person referred via a link placed on the referring partner's Web site. The sale must be made within 2 months of referral for a commission to be due.

A referral commission will not be paid on orders that are fraudulent, result in back charges or a customer refund or cancellation.

If a single user is referred by more than one partner, only one commission will be payable (which will be that of the current linked reference).


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