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    Beware of non-conforming Balustrades deficient by way of one or more of the following:

    • Indirect base plate fixing methods including Dyna bolt equivalent
    • Light Gauge Aluminium sections (AS 1170)
    • Non-mating hybrid designs
    • Low Magnesium and non-structural Alloys 1874-1988 (Aluminium Alloys)
    • Ferrous (steel) integrated parts which will cause cathode corrosion
    • Unprocessed laminated glass prone to delaminate especially if balustrade has exposed side fixing
    • Unstamped float glass in lieu of certified toughened glass (AS 1288)
    • Untested 2 part post (split post systems)structures (AS 1170)
    • Uncertified pre treated Powder Coat procedure (AS 3715)

    Indirect base plate fixings will not meet the new code requirement due to the very concept that they rely on a sleeve or a spreading mechanism, or in some cases just a through bolt connecting a welded T base plate to a SHS. The code ( Structural design actions - Permanent, imposed and other actions and supplement - Commentary AS/NZS 1170.2 Supp 1:2002 ) multiplied the force criteria by nearly 4 x factor. How then could it be expected that an indirect base plate connection satisfy any Engineer's fiduciary duty of care?

    We see it time and again on new works (post Sept 2002) where this type of installation is being done. You are legally responsible for making such a decision. Did you know?....It is an offence to justify a decision to accept a critical building element on the basis of price over safety? Project Managers, Contract Managers, Owner Builders alike are duty bound by law to ensure the integration of standards conforming building elements. Case example. A cheaper Balustrade in installed but is non compliant to the BCA and Standards Australia relevant code, a person falls to their death due to this failure. The complicit person(s) if found guilty can be charged with contributory negligence of manslaughter.

    Note: There are harsh penalties enforceable on an Architect, Engineer, Builder and the Foreman/ Project Manager if it is proven that they were advised or should be aware of the compliance requirements of the code and that they did not investigate the legitimacy of a tenderers claim of compliance.

  • Recently we inspected a new (2009) blaustrade installation. A one metre high balustrade fabricated from standard window sections, when we reported to the builder the response was indifferent.

    Nowadays a new design drawn up by an Architect who wants a certain look must be put to prototype manufacture and then be tested for structural integrity using the same installation practice and procedure as that specified on site. Unscrupulous contractors may manipulate the tests, use a higher grade material or build internal strengthening to pass.

    You must choose a high integrity balustrade that meets the code and satisfies your conscience, people could die as a result of the decision you make on behalf of your Company to save a few dollars.

    The Millennium Balustrade Aluminium Post for example weighs 2.45KG per metre, compare that to a standard square post of a lower Alloy Grade of similar 50 x 50 size weighs 1.29 KG and has not tensile properties nor is their any integrated fixing method of attaching top rails, glass or bottom rails.

    Glass patches will not satisfy the point load requirement test intended to emulate impact of a person coming in contact with the balustrade. Would you feel safe to see your children playing at the balcony edge of a 10 storey apartment with 4 small 70 x 70 mm clamps holding a piece of glass as the only means of fall arrest?


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